New admirals establish your rule is shown because of the a geth dreadnought apart from their ability so you can ruin

New admirals establish your rule is shown because of the a geth dreadnought apart from their ability so you can ruin

Shepard ends up your laws are Reaper tech, and this have to be destroyed should your quarians are to have chance of endurance. Shepard suggests the guy and you may a team panel the fresh new ship and you will disable the brand new laws, tossing brand new geth to the distress and purchasing the fresh quarians time for you make next move. This new quarians agree and gives Shepard tech support team in the function of their newest member: Shepard’s dated crewmate Tali’Zorah, advertised to help you their late father’s status centered on the lady knowledge of brand new geth.

Arriving in the exact middle of a beneficial pitched competition between the geth and you will quarian fleets, Shepard and you will organization board the new dreadnought and make the way compliment of the latest boat, rebuffing geth staff to reach this new push core, in which the rule is transmit. Within the push core is yet another out of Shepard’s dated staff, Legion, that has been hardwired towards push core so you can enhance this new Reaper code.

That have absolutely nothing much more getting told you, the fresh new Reaper “dies”

Legion teaches you that quarian attack drove the newest geth towards the an enthusiastic alliance on the Reapers to conserve themselves. At Legion’s direction, they power down the fresh push core, releasing Legion from the shackles. In exchange it disables all the protects and firearms onboard the brand new dreadnought given that an indication of good-faith. Doing your best with the benefit, Admiral Han’Gerrel deviates from the bundle and releases an entire attack for the dreadnought, hoping to wreck the latest crippled geth leading, despite Shepard and you can Tali’s protests they are however in to the.

Just after to the Normandy and you may condemning Gerrel’s reason regarding his procedures, Shepard requests pointers regarding Legion. With the horror of your own admirals, Legion demonstrates to you that the dreadnought’s exhaustion only has cut the brand new Reaper code at long-range; a base into Rannoch’s facial skin remains giving the newest code at short-range, as well as the geth will soon get over the brand new disruption. Orbital bombardments is actually out of the question; the latest geth provides setup jamming systems that prevent the quarian boats away from identifying the beds base.

Numerous sorties into Rannoch’s facial skin is arranged for the meantime off deciding new Reaper signal’s location: the new save your self out of a good stranded Admiral Koris, in addition to disabling away from geth fighter squadrons fighting the fresh new liveships. Shepard starts the newest violence to your laws foot when the location could have been determined, equipped with a concentrating on beam that will cut-through brand new jamming laws. Legion falls in solamente so you’re able to disorient geth pushes and offer remote tech direction.

The master plan performs, nevertheless when the brand new Normandy bombs brand new rule generator, it is revealed are good Reaper destroyer. The fresh destroyer pursues Shepard and team while they flee in the a geth coach, since quarians as well as the Normandy you will need to provide supporting flames away from orbit. A chance firearms struck on the Migrant Collection reveals a deep failing part of the fresh Reaper’s defenses: that the shooting chamber is vulnerable whenever priming. Using the portable laser beam advice system and you may dodging brand new Reaper’s periods, Shepard directs the Normandy and Migrant Fleet’s weapons against the Reaper, eventually really damaging it.

Shepard along with his group narrowly fled the motorboat eventually

Following its overcome, brand new improperly busted Reaper and you can Shepard change barbed terms and conditions; the latest Reaper, accepting Shepard off Harbinger’s breakdown, asserts one to Shepard’s opposition with the Reapers are unnecessary, they are preserving natural lives of in pretty bad shape and therefore new cycle have to continue in the event the organics are to be saved off destruction. Shepard dismisses the latest Reaper’s warnings and you will assurances it your racing of your galaxy will continue to fight until a means to defeat this new Reapers is situated.

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